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Large Organic Cotton Pad ( 28cm) with wings: 10pcs/pk


  • Texas Organic Cotton Certified Cotton
  • OCS 100 Certified Organic Cotton used
  • Cotton Abosorbing Layer
  • Sideway Leak Protection unction
  • Side gathers are Cotton
  • More than 95-Percent biodegradable and compostable
  • Plasic free / Chlorine Free
  • Made in Korea

Eco Plus - Organic Cotton Pad: Large


    Ratings & Reviews


    I am so obsessed with these containers. I use them for my lunch box, and especially the beautiful color makes me so happy every moment when I enjoy my lunch. So many coworker asks me where they can buy it. :)



    natural composition, excellent product.



    It's organic so it fits my skin so well.



    My child love the dinner sets.
    It is so cute and good quality. I am glad I found this product since I dont like to use plastic plates which might contain harmful chemicals.
    Also love the fact this product is dishwash safe.



    This bowl is good for me. Because it is little deep I expected. So I really like to serve some food with soup on this bowl. I feel easy it makes with silicone and it is good to stick onto tray or table. I highly recommend this product.



    It's so cute design. My kid always tried to take a plate and dropped it, so it made so messy and hard to clean. But this plate is so strong to stick onto tray. So she couldn't take it and play. I'm so satisfied with it. And also spoon and fork are working very well.